Announcing Musical Circuit Teams!

Musical Megawatt, Shows, The Circuit Friday May 6, 2022, 1:39pm - by admin

We're thrilled to announce the creation of our Summer Musical Circuit Teams. You can catch these groups in action starting Thursday, May 12!

Team Everglades:
Rick Crawford
Annemarie Cullen
Jonathan Foster
J Graigory
Samantha Manas
Angela Pohlen
Kayleigh Reichman

Team Glacier:
Anna Arakelyan
Connell Barrett
Rick Beck
Seann Cantatore
John DiBari
Michele Foor
Bernie Kravitz

Team Redwood:
Ruth Angus
Scott Austin
Mariel Berger
Tamar Gressel
Christine Magee
PJ Nally
Nathan Tillis

Team Yellowstone:
Bill Buttrick
Whitney Dillon
Jessica Giannone
Nicole Pascaretta
Ezra Roth
Maria Schroeder
Steve Whyte