Pandemic Update

Classes, Shows Tuesday December 28, 2021, 3:25pm - by seantaylor

Greetings Magnet Community,

It has been another hard year. Many are still continuing to struggle with the hardships of the pandemic and our hearts and prayers go out to you.  

As you know the OMICRON variant of the CoronaVirus has surged over the last few weeks in New York City. Because of this, Magnet Theater has stopped all in-person operations for the last week. Seeing that the upward trend of infections is continuing, Magnet will be employing its 2 & 2 plan for most in-person classes. This means that classes that start in the early weeks of January will be postponed for 2 weeks and then the first 2 sessions would be conducted via Zoom. So if your class was scheduled to start on January 7, it would be postponed until January 21 and the classes on the 21 and 28 will be virtual and then the rest will be in-person.

Other in-person classes that start later may start on Zoom for a week or 2 at max. You will be contacted as to the status of your class. (Schedule changes may vary based on the class)

Online classes will not be affected.

We know this is not the same as taking an entire class in-person but we feel that it is a fair and safe compromise. It is our hope that in that time the surge will go down and more people will be able to get vaccinated and/or boosted as well as kept safe from exposure. We again ask your patience as we are trying to do our best to serve the community. 

If you are currently enrolled in an upcoming in-person class, you will be contacted shortly by the school director with details for your particular class.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well this holiday season.

Sean & Armando