Announcing Musical Circuit, Winter 2022!

Musical Improv, The Circuit Thursday December 2, 2021, 1:14pm - by Magnet Theater

This Winter, Magnet is going to do a round of the Musical Circuit live and in-person! Because of scheduling concerns and space availability, we are only going to be able to create one Circuit team for this round. There will be more opportunities in the new year!

What is the Circuit?

The Circuit is a program in which teams of students are created for a limited run of shows at the theater. These teams are created randomly by lottery.

What is the run?

This Winter session will be a run of five shows! The dates are a little wonky because of scheduling conflicts, so please note them carefully and only apply if you can make all the dates:

Sunday, January 23 at 6pm

Saturday, February 5 at 6pm

Sunday, February 13 at 6pm

Saturday, March 5 at 6pm

Sunday, March 13 at 6pm

Who can apply?

Anyone who has completed Musical Level 3 (in-person or virtual) at any time.

Does it cost anything?

Circuit teams are expected to have five rehearsals over the course of their run, and teams are expected to cover the costs of those rehearsals themselves. These costs include room rental, paying for an accompanist, and paying for a coach. 

How do I put my name in the hat to be considered?

If you are able to commit to the above show dates, and are comfortable with the costs involved of paying for rehearsals, you can put your name in for the lottery by filling out THIS FORM!

What's the deadline to apply?

December 12!

When will notifications be sent out?

December 15! 

I've got more questions!

Email Michael Lutton at and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.