2021/2022 Winter Sketch Circuit

Sketch, The Circuit Monday October 25, 2021, 4:18pm - by seantaylor

The Winter Sketch Circuit is a chance for Magnet performers, students and community members to collaborate as writers or performers in an in-person 2 show run at the Magnet Theater. 

***Please read the following to determine eligibility:***
– - To apply, you must have completed (or be currently registered in) Sketch 2 or be/have been on a Livewire team
– - Circuit participants may miss no more than 2 rehearsals during the run of the circuit.
– - Participants are expected to rehearse with their assigned team and coach on a weekly basis at assigned times.
– - Participants are responsible for the cost of coach and space rentals.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Writers will be required to attend weekly virtual writers meetings held Monday or Tuesday nights from 7-10 PM ET. Performers are required to attend virtual table reads and in person rehearsals (and they are encouraged to attend writers meetings) . All team members are required to attend tech rehearsals.


Week 1 - Mon or Tues Writers Meeting (1st Drafts Due)

Week 2 - Mon or Tues Writers Meeting (2nd Drafts Due)

Week 3 - Mon or Tues Writers Meeting (Final Drafts Due)

Week 4 - Mon or Tues Blocking Rehearsal (in-person)

Week 5 - Sun or Sat Tech Rehearsal (in-person)

    Thurs Show at 8:30 PM ET at the Magnet Theater (in-person)


To apply for the Winter Sketch Circuit, please fill out the form above in its entirety. The deadline to apply will be 6 PM, October 29, 2021. 

Teams will be announced November 3rd. First writers meetings will be November 8th or 9th (depending on your team). 

Circuit shows will be Thursday, December 9, 2021 and Thursday, January 27, 2022 at the Magnet Theater. 

If you have any questions, please email: sketchdirector@magnettheater.com