Announcing the Virtual Musical Circuit Lineup!

Musical Improv, The Circuit Wednesday December 16, 2020, 1:56pm - by Magnet Theater

We are excited to announce the creation of several new Musical Circuit teams! These teams will start performing on Twitch starting in January.

Team Rock
Isabella Way
Nathan Tillis
Patrick Hogan
Sloane Miller
Whitney Dillon
Corrine Baker
Thomas Victorio
Coach: Russ Feder

Team Punk
Deesie Zymmer
Anna Arakelyan
Amy Suznovich
Maria Schroeder
Samantha Manas
Julie McNamara
Jessica Giannone
Coach: Amy Charowsky

Team Folk
Kevin Langdon
Cionna Buckley
Jewel Elizabeth
Ann Herberger
Harvey Chipkin
Tom Mutchler
Stacey Weingarten
Coach: Jayme Mattler

Team Polka
Rick Crawford
Jen Iguarta
Camille Smith
Kayte Zhang
JB Opdyke
Michelle Foor
Chuck Africa
Coach: Tracey Gordon

New Team Metal
Lee Cahill
Elise Ramaekers
Emily Swindal
Mary-Kate Coletta
Bianca Garcia
Andy Lachman
Lee Krevat
Coach: Jon Bander

Team Classical
Josh Lamon
Nick Nieves
Ilan Kaplan
Shannon Krowicki
Suzanne Hitchman
Tiffany Springle 
Richard Stoeffel

Some pre-existing teams will also be receiving new members!

Joining Gem:
Tori Smith
Erin White

Joining Winston:
Russ Feder
Dylan O'Keefe

Joining Nightshade:
Lorraine Cink