Announcing Virtual Musical Circuit Applications!

The Circuit Wednesday December 2, 2020, 1:03pm - by Magnet Theater

We are very excited to announce a brand-new Virtual Musical Circuit! 

****This post is for information about Tuesday night Musical teams. If you're looking for information about Wednesday night non-musical teams, go HERE! ***

What is the Virtual Circuit? The Circuit is a program that places qualified students, via lottery, onto virtual teams that will perform every other Tuesday on the Magnet's Twitch Channel. The Circuit season will be two months long. It will begin on Tuesday, January 5, and run through the end of February. 

Who Qualifies to be on a Circuit team? Anyone who has completed Musical Level 2 at any time (in person or via Zoom), anyone who has performed on a Musical Megawatt team at any time, as well as anyone who has completed an advanced musical improv workshop via Zoom. 

What are the responsibilities of being on a Virtual Circuit team? You must have general availability from 7pm - 10pm EST on Tuesday nights, because teams will have at least two shows per month. Teams are also expected to rehearse at least twice a month via Zoom with their assigned coach and an accompanist. Teams will be responsible for scheduling their own rehearsals and paying for coaches and accompanists.

How Do I Sign Up? Just fill out THIS FORM! The deadline to apply will be December 11, and teams will be announced on December 16.