Training Space Closes

Classes, Improv, Musical Improv, Training Center, Training Center Facility Saturday July 18, 2020, 5:35pm - by seantaylor

Hello Everyone,

With Broadway staying closed until 2021, schools remaining online and Covid cases surging throughout the rest of the country, the outlook for doing in person classes this year is not very good. So after a long and unproductive negotiation with the Landlord, Sean and I made the heartbreaking decision to give up the Magnet Training Center space. Financially it doesn’t make sense to keep paying rent for a space we aren’t using (and don’t know when we will use again). As of today the space is no longer accessible and all the contents are being cleared out. It is a sad and abrupt end to what has been a very amazing fives years. 

I know we will all miss the Training Center. For the last 4 months I’ve missed it. I miss the students and the classes. I miss all those times in the office when the staff would gather, talk and do bits before class. I miss the year long bit I did with Adam Wade that no one ever laughed at except us. I miss the familiar faces and the hugs. I even miss waiting 20 minutes for the elevator after class shows. 

But Magnet is not a building. Magnet is about love, and people and love of the work. Magnet is about the desire to share, empower and connect with each other. Magnet is about human beings getting together to create and express themselves. Magnet is about trying to find truth in the moment. Magnet is about believing in and celebrating one another. In some ways Magnet is about hope and faith and belief. Magnet will go on! 

Magnet continues. We are still teaching classes and doing shows online. We are in the middle of the Virtual New York Musical Improv Festival. Tomorrow, we’ve got Baby Wants Candy performing! (Sunday 9 pm) We also have a special workshop we are going to announce soon. So, we intend to weather this storm. So long as there are people and suggestions we will keep improvising. 


Armando and Sean