How can I help the Magnet?

Improv, Opportunities, Shows Sunday March 22, 2020, 10:00am - by seantaylor

In these uncertain times, the future of the Magnet is, well, uncertain.  So many kind people in our community have reached out and asked “How can I help?” that Armando and I have been both moved and overwhelmed. We hope this blog entry answers that question.

More than monetarily, the best way you can help out the Magnet is to be a good citizen and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Your health is more important to us than any amount of money.

Once you are safe, the next most important way you can help is to ensure you can support yourself. We recognize that many (if not most) of the people that make up our beloved community are fellow artists, contractors, and small business owners.  To you, we feel your pain. Please keep your money. There are many other ways to help us including the following:

  • Watch a [Virtual] Magnet Theater show - free for everyone and, just like real improv, the more viewers, the better! (All shows available on the Magnet Theater’s twitch channel:
  • Show your Magnet pride! Post photos of you in your Magnet swag, bake a cake with the Magnet logo, build a miniature Magnet Theater and run shows 6 nights a week, etc.
  • Spread the word about Magnet. Share stories (IRL and on social media) of Magnet experiences and the people you have met. Tell someone who might not know about us. 
  • Create. Write a song, paint a picture, develop a sketch, pen a poem, follow your passion wherever it takes you.
  • Be an ambassador of improv. Do digital improv jams, host improv jams, tell your friends and family how they can collaborate and create, learn improv warm-ups, develop new improv warm-ups.  

Most importantly, Endeavor to find ways to treat this tragic time as a gift...and when you discover something, let the rest of us know.

If you happen to be in a place where money is an option, here are some ways to donate to the theater:

  • Tickets to online shows - our digital shows will go on whether we sell tickets or not and the receipts for these shows are set aside to ensure that they do. 
  • Toss some cash in the virtual hat - this option enables people to chip in between $1 - $100 per transaction. Like the tickets, all proceeds are dedicated to the producers, performers and technical crew required to maintain the programming
  • Millionaires & Billionaires - click here

Thank you for your time and attention.
Stay Safe,