We got MOXIE!

Shows, Sketch Tuesday March 3, 2020, 5:01pm - by seantaylor

MOXIE: The Women, Trans, & Non-Binary Sketch Show is written and performed by women, trans, and non-binary comedians in the Magnet community.

Over the course of 8 weeks, The Moxie Sketch Lab has been developing original sketch shows all created by 3 ensembles and featuring over 100 women, trans, and non-binary comedians. These are the shows!

The Flushing Queens
Directed by Amanda Melhuish, Essence Stewart, & Kay Mollica
With Sketches Written by Emily Dalton, Dorrie Jankowski, Ginger Twist, Hong Xu, Jenice Matias, Katie Mather, & Meghan Stahl
Starring: Amy Newhall, Beth Heller, Carrie England, Dorrie Jankowski, Emily Dalton, Erin Goodwin, Felicity Stevenson, Ginger Twist, Hayley Carson, Hong Xu, Jamie Haughney, Jenice Matias, Jessica Michel, Katie Mather, Katie McGraw, Megan Stahl, Melissa Shaw, Nicole Pascaretta, Nisarah Lewis, & Side 2 Side

Bread Pitt
Directed by Amanda Xeller, Blaise Vacca, Ro Rovito, & Sara Kalkstein
With Sketches Written by Amanda Nicastro, Catherine Bousquet, Celine Elliott, Crystal Elmore, Cynthia Via, Jenny Bee, Maura Sateriale, & Samantha Torres
Starring: Alison LeBrun, Amanda Nicastro, Catherine Bousquet, Celine Elliott, Clara Cambon, Crystal Elmore, Cynthia Via, Elaine Vario, Elana Bell Bogdan, Emily Poulis, Emily Riggins, Jenny Bee, Lauren Strenkowski, Lorina Ladrillono, Maura Sateriale, Rachael Kuecher, Rebecca Baron, Samantha Torres, Shuang Qiu, Teri Stewart, & Valerie Wang

Bush Gardens
Directed by Alexandria Sinclair, Kristina Stasi, & Virginia Dickens
With Sketches Written by Ali Goldberg, Colleen Cass, Julie McNamara, Lisa Winters, Marisa Winckowski, & Rachel Garbus
Starring: Ali Goldberg, Chris Bouknight, Colleen Cass, Jie Ma, Joy Weeeng, Julie McNamara, Karen Vellensky, Katrina Curato, Kexin Cha, Kimberly Brockway, Lisa Winters, Marissa Stuart, Marisa Winckowski, Rachel Garbus, & Roslyn Seale

Sunday March 22: Featuring The Flushing Queens & Bread Pitt
Sunday March 29: Featuring Bush Gardens & The Flushing Queens
Sunday April 5: Featuring Bread Pitt & Bush Gardens