King of Shows – Submissions Open Through Feb 9

Opportunities Tuesday January 28, 2020, 9:28pm - by Magnet Theater

King of Shows is back! Magnet’s fun showcase of fresh, boundary-breaking comedy theater is a great opportunity for emerging and veteran performers to share their latest work - with a supportive audience! 

We’re accepting submissions from performers and students across the Magnet community: improv, sketch, musical sketch, musical improv, comedy or music video, storytelling, characters, musical acts, stand-up, and more!

King of Shows Timeline

Submissions Open: Sunday, Feb 2 
Submissions Closed: Sunday, Feb 9
Performers Notified: Monday, Feb 10
Show: Thursday, Feb 20 at 10:15pm

How To Submit 

Submissions are welcome from all current Magnet students, performers, and community members who have taken at least 1 Magnet Level One class in any program.

If you’re selected for this month’s show, you and your team get to promote and showcase your work on the Magnet Theater stage.

  • Scripted/sketches: your submission must be written and ready to perform at the time of submission; 
  • Improv duo/trio or team, or musical team: your submission should include a description of your team and form, and at least one short clip of your team performing in front of an audience
  • Comedy short or music video: please submit a first cut; you can showcase the edited version at the show  
  • Characters and Storytelling: make sure these are scripted or have a detailed outline when you submit with your video clip
  • Music performance: please submit a recording or video of the work you want to perform at the show

We welcome work in development, but we ask that any scripted submissions have, at minimum, a completed working draft - at this time, we’re not accepting ideas/pitches for this show.

Use the link below to submit for this month’s show -

Deadline to submit: Sunday, Feb 9
Questions? Reach out to