Announcing the Fall/Winter LiveWire Sketch Team Lineup!

Shows, Sketch Tuesday August 20, 2019, 12:30pm - by Magnet Theater

Congratulations to the newest LiveWire Sketch Teams and the latest additions to House Party, Milwaukee!, Newport, and Souvenir!
Thanks to everyone who submitted and auditioned this round. Here's to a brand new season of killer sketch comedy, premiering on Sunday, September 15th at 6:00 p.m.

*= Returning to Magnet Sketch Teams
**= New to Magnet Sketch Teams
Bold = New to the team this season
Italics= New role for this performer

New Team Spy
Greg Cornejo - Writer/Performer
Max Bank - Performer
Robin McNamara - Performer
Tanyika Carey - Performer
**John Rovito - Performer
**Ona Vicente - Performer
Michael McLarnon - Writer
Dmitry Shein - Writer
*Amanda Xeller - Writer
**Louie Aronowitz - Writer
*Annemarie Cullen - Writer
DIRECTOR: Jesse Mudrick

New Team Kids
Caroline Castro - Writer/Performer
Tessa Flannery - Writer/Performer
Janay Bates - Performer
**Kay Mollica - Performer
**Greg Hudson - Performer
**Mikey Greenblatt - Performer
Alina Konon - Writer
Lindsey Meyers - Writer
**Sean Flowers - Writer
**Jeff Howe - Writer
DIRECTOR: Ashley Glicken

Ben Koch - Writer/Performer
Kourtni Beebe - Performer
Frankie Johnson - Performer
Zak Kamin - Performer
Kerri Kenny - Performer
Kate Shine - Performer
Virginia Dickens - Writer
Leah Roth - Writer
Fred Chong Rutherford - Writer
Nick Wiener - Writer
Kayte Zhang - Writer
DIRECTOR: Michael Delisle

Sarah Cassell - Performer
Gina Cucci - Performer
Keith DiRienzo - Performer
Brendan Goggins - Performer
Kristina Stasi - Performer
Matt Abedi - Writer/Performer
Brian Gurien - Writer
Emily Draper - Writer
Kelsey Harper - Writer
William Cybriwsky - Writer
**Liz Cardenas - Writer
DIRECTOR: Dennis Pacheco

Steve Howze - Performer
Slaney Jordan - Performer
Alex Sobrino - Performer
Ladell Thomas - Performer
**Ben Fullon - Performer
Matt Aromando - Writer
Laura Brehm - Writer
Eric Buscher - Writer
Lauren Gamiel - Writer/Perfomer
Elie Stav - Writer
**Kerrod Williams - Writer
DIRECTOR: Lane Kwederis

House Party
Jeffrey Kitt - Writer/Performer
Amanda Melhuish - Performer
Elaine Bledsoe - Performer
Melvin Taylor II - Performer
Danielle Carney - Performer
Julia Schroeder - Performer
Elsa Bermudez - Writer
Laura Fabius - Writer
Michael Ganley - Writer
Kristin DiPietra - Writer
**Nick Alexander - Writer

The Executives
Tom Sanchez - Writer/Performer
Xavier Padin - Performer
Gina Cucci - Performer
Jackie Skinner - Performer
Kate Shine - Performer
Matt Brooks - Performer
Ashley Glicken - Writer
Carly Silverman - Writer
Harry McAlister - Writer
*Hayley Karl - Writer
Phoebe Torres - Writer
DIRECTOR: Eric Feurer

Nitro Girls
Joe Lepore - Writer/Performer
Sam Rogal - Writer/Performer
Lanee' Sanders - Writer/Performer
Becca Schall - Writer/Performer
John Ross - Performer
Rachel Robertson - Performer
Michael Stevens - Performer
Nat Silverman - Writer
Daniel Louis - Writer
DIRECTOR: Monique Moses