Announcing Conservatory and Musical Circuit Teams!

Shows, The Circuit, Uncategorized Thursday April 25, 2019, 5:57pm - by Magnet Theater

The Circuit is back for the Spring, and this round features so much improv goodness it can't be contained to just one night! From May 3 to June 15, come check out Conservatory Circuit on Friday nights and Musical Circuit on Saturday nights (no shows May 24-25).

Unless otherwise noted, all shows take place at 10 pm at the Magnet Training Center, 22 W 32nd St., 10th Floor. Musical Circuit shows in June will take place at 10:30 pm at the Magnet Theater, 254 W 29th St

The Conservatory Circuit (Friday nights at 10) features improv ensembles made up of Magnet students who have completed level 5 and beyond. These teams perform the classic long form improv structure, The Harold.

Mare Berger
Vassileia Kazee
Susan Lerner
Peter Morris
Alex Novac
Anupa Otiv
Henry Seifter
Bobby Yu
Coach: Melissa Ulloa

Isamar Rosado Aponte
Rachael Cain
Tim Layman
Ben Hassey
Tierney Melia
Arthur Velwest
Bradley Weiner
Erin White
Coach: Jeff Wucher

Pam Debutts
Deepak Jayasimha
Portia Lundie
Arjun Pappajohn
Evelyn Peppas
Elizabeth Quinones
James Roberts
Harold Treen
Coach: Sarah Poirer

Emily Dalton
Ben Koch
Allie Kroper
Catherine Mayell
Nicholas Phillips
Aaron Riesebeck
Nikolai Solonski
Ann Ziata
Coach: Brendan Goggins

The Musical Circuit (Saturday nights at 10 in May and 10:30 in June) features ensembles of students who have completed all three levels of the Magnet's musical improv program. These teams perform long form narrative musicals.

Sarah Brenner
Jeremy Chao
Marie Denny
Jennifer Peng
Aaron Singer
Nathan Tillis
Coach: David Barrera

Mary-Kate Colletta
Thomas Kim
Jenice Matias
Frances Simowitz
Elie Stav
Susan Widdicombe
Coach: Mark Canlas

Bill Buttrick
Nicole Edine
John Foster
Charone Frankel
Ann Herberger
Julie McNamara
Coach: Natalie Sullivan