Announcing the Spring, 2019 Editions of the CONSERVATORY CIRCUIT and MUSICAL CIRCUIT!

Improv, Musical Improv, The Circuit Sunday April 7, 2019, 2:17pm - by Michael Lutton

The Circuit is a chance for Magnet students to play on teams of their very own for a limited run of shows at the Magnet Studio Theater at the Training Center. It's an awesome way to work weekly with an ensemble and coach as well as get more reps under your belt. We highly recommend it!

CONSERVATORY CIRCUIT teams are open to students who have been accepted into the Magnet's Conservatory program, which means you've completed Improv Level 5 or higher. These teams will perform the Harold for a run of six shows on Friday nights starting May 3 and ending June 14. To apply for the Conservatory Circuit, click here! []

MUSICAL CIRCUIT teams are open to students have completed the Magnet's Musical Improv program, which means you've finished Musical Improv Level 3. These teams will perform musical narratives for a run of six shows on Saturday nights starting May 4 and ending June 15. To apply for the Musical Circuit, click here! []

Circuit teams are chosen by a lottery - to enter, all you have to do is fill out the application form. Look closely to be sure you're filling out the right application for the kind of team you'd like to join! 
The deadline to apply will be noon, April 18, 2019. Please refer to each individual form for additional key dates.

If you have any questions, please email Jacob Horn at

***Please read the following:***
–Read the application closely to be sure you're applying for the right team and that you meet the class requirement for eligibility!
–Do not call or email registrar regarding application status.
–Circuit performers may miss no more than 3 shows or practices.
–Performers are expected to rehearse with their assigned team and coach on a weekly basis.
–Performers are responsible for the cost of coach and space rentals (and accompanists, for musical teams).