Q&A: Freeze Frame with Annemarie Cullen

Interviews Friday January 25, 2019, 2:00pm - by Magnet Theater

Ever thought to yourself, "wouldn't 'I Love Lucy' be better if people kept breaking out into song?" Or maybe, "what if 'Friends' came with a soundtrack instead of a laugh track?" Wonder no more: Freeze Frame is putting the theory to the test. We sat down with Annemarie Cullen to discuss her musical sitcom creation, and you can sit down to watch the show on Friday, January 25 at 11:00pm!

Annemarie Cullen wearing a hat.

What's Freeze Frame all about?

Freeze Frame is a musically improvised sitcom. We get the name of a sitcom from the audience, and then improvise a very special musical episode.

What does the sitcom aspect of the show add to the typical musical improv performance?

The characters are all show regulars, so they'll all know each other--unless someone plays a special guest star.  They'll be pretty trope-y, and some things won't be resolved in the episode, because we assume they're ongoing in the series--like a love interest or a long-term goal to open a restaurant.  And there will be lots of very, very bad jokes.

Are there any sitcoms (past or present) that the cast particularly likes to draw from?

We rely pretty heavily on sitcoms of the 80's and 90's. Sometimes Tori gives us homework assignments!

If everyone in the cast were a sitcom character, who would they be?

Oh, man... I think Adam and Mel would be the nerdy twins next door.  Serpe's the befuddled dad. Dana's the sexy, unattainable one. Kate's the too-smart mom. I'm probably the dumb teen boy that never gets a date. And if there's an alien, it's Tori.

Do you think Freeze Frame will be loved in its time or only truly appreciated in syndication?

We want all the love we can get now--I mean, who doesn't? But let's face it, most good things aren't truly appreciated until after they're gone. Like that one that got away...who deserved for you to just show up a little more.  Come see us after the show for some hugs!

Don't wait for the rerun--catch Freeze Frame on Friday, January 25 at 11:00pm, only at Magnet Theater!

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