Q&A: Darkness Falls with the cast

Interviews Tuesday August 14, 2018, 5:03pm - by Magnet Theater

Why is it so dim out there? No, that's not an eclipse--it's Darkness Falls, a new show premiering Friday August 17 at 7:00. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that starts with grounded scene work and ends up beyond your wildest dreams!

Cast of Darkness Falls taking an elevator selfie

What is Darkness Falls?

John David: The kind of people that when they put together a Catskills cabin getaway and you can’t go the FOMO is so intense that you cry yourself to sleep for weeks, the only food you can keep down is Gerber® Good Start® Gentle infant powder formula, and an IV drip of castor oil and Metamucil is necessary to maintain regular bowel movements.
Elizabeth Scafuto: A family of cute, nocturnal creatures. But also a movie that none of us have seen except Simon. He chose our name about a year ago so we could play in the Rundown ;).
Simon Shannon: It's a tribute to Vin Diesel's 2000 movie Pitch Black. The Academy never recognized it but I vowed I would.

You're billed as "a theatrical experience that goes beyond the stage." Exactly how far are we talking?

Aaron Zemach: The audience should feel like Darkness Falls is all around them. We are inviting people to sit on the Magnet stage, and people who don't take us up on that offer will discover we're also using the standard seats as a performance area. Like Michael Douglas in David Fincher's 1997 film The Game, audience members will never know what's real and what's the performance. Is the conversation with the intern selling you a beer in the lobby authentic or a two-person scene? It's important to us that the audience doesn't know.
Nathan Tillis: As far as 57th and 10th.

"Darkness Falls" sounds ominous...should we be worried??

Caitlyn Drown: Worried? Hard nope. Well, unless feelings make you feel funny. And, like, once or twice we played with ghosts... but they were nice? Look, for the most part we just explore the day to day. We order a fair amount of coffee. We fall in love. A lot! So that's nice... Right? I mean how lucky are we to find our soulmates? Hmm, did my partner always scrape the spoon across their teeth like that? Why can't you just put the mug right into the dishwasher? Why let it fester in the dish spam folder that is the sink? When was the last time I got to just sit and have a cup of coffee all by MYSELF?!?!...so there's that... But worried? Nah.

Josh Cohen: No more or less ominous than life is. It's basically a bunch of lived-in relationships that come and go and weave together, plus some moments of complete pandemonium. You'll watch real people figure themselves out, sometimes from a remove and sometimes right next to you. And every now and then everything will become a dream or a drug trip or everyone will break out in song or some psychedelic combination where everything is everything all at once. And then it'll be back to relationships again. Exactly like how life is.
Jessica Coyle: It’s actually not ominous, but rather omnibus. Please enjoy the ride.

Top 3 things to do in the dark?

Kim Canfield: Haunt the living, tidy up my coffin, host fancy parties. No, we're not vampires, why do you ask?
Alessandra Calderín:
On my waist, through my hair
Think about it when you touch me there
Close my eyes, here you are
All alone dancing in the dark
Tell me baby if it's wrong
To let my hands do what they want?
Late at night I pretend we are dance-dance-d-dance
Dancing in the dark
Don't let the sun set without catching Darkness Falls, Friday August 17th at 7:00pm!

Darkness Falls dark neon planets in space