Getting To Know: Melanie Rubin

Getting To Know Thursday May 4, 2017, 10:00am - by admin

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What’s your name?

Melanie Rubin

Which team or show are you on?

Astro Tramps & Captains

Where are you from?

Bucks County, PA

How did you get into improv/sketch comedy?

My college had a really great improv troupe. I was too busy with cooler things like acapella and being an RA, so I never tried it. Two years post-grad I was like, "Hey Mel? Remember that thing you were too scared I mean too busy to try? Looks like there's a free intro you can take. Do it Mel! Do it!" I listened to Mel.

How long have you been performing/writing?

Since 7pm on January 5th, 2015. You wanted me to be that specific, right?

Who in all the world would be your ideal scene or writing partner?


Who would you most like to impersonate or write for? 


What makes you laugh the hardest?

When people break on stage, blooper reels, people who get really amped up giving clues while playing Taboo

Describe the soundtrack to your life!

Singer-songwriter types with some sweet, sweet harmonies to start (Sara Bareilles, Good Old War, First Aid Kit), followed by some early 2000s pop-punk types (New Found Glory, Paramore, Fall Out Boy), with a nice helping of powerhouse ladies (Whitney, Beyonce, Alanis), and a sprinkle of showtunes.

What's something you'd ask when meeting someone for the first time?

Come here often?

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?

If I'm not doing or watching improv, I'm probably at a broadway show or hanging with my new puppy or eating my weight in sushi.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Ben Schwartz