Executive Order Issued By The Magnet Community

All About Wednesday February 1, 2017, 7:00am - by Magnet Theater

Magnet Theater Community
New York, New York

Executive Order Issued By The Magnet Community

The Magnet community is here to make comedy, but there are also some things we take very seriously. When our core principles are under threat, we are required to speak up, remind each other why we are here, and make it clear what we stand for, and stand against.

There have always been forces in the world working to keep people apart. These will never fully go away, but in light of the recent actions by the President, it appears, right now, these forces are alarmingly strong.

We affirm that denigrating, diminishing, dismissing and excluding people based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or country of origin is fundamentally in opposition to what makes our community strong.

Our diverse community is built upon something quite simple: listening to and supporting each other in order to create something we couldn’t do alone. For a long time, we thought this was just for fun - but it turns out improvising is important. Because when we listen to each other, we ultimately discover the great value of each other’s unique gifts. And when we do, improvising, making comedy, and storytelling become powerful ways to combat the forces attempting to divide us.

This White House is trading on deeply harmful stereotypes in the name of enhancing our security. As New Yorkers, we find this both offensive and counter-productive. As improvisers and theater artists, we find it not funny.

As individuals in this community, we declare our commitment to each other during this disorienting time. When institutions seem fragile, we realize that our true strength lies in each other, our craft, and our fundamental desire to listen to each other for what connects us, not what divides us.

We choose "Yes, and," not "No." Though, man, during these troubling times we really want to say "Go Fuck Yourself." Instead, we'll just add that we believe in science.


The Magnet Theater Community

**(Want to sign the actual document? Stop by the Magnet Training Center's lounge area and add your signature.)**