Announcing The Fall 2015 Magnet Sketch Teams

Sketch Friday August 21, 2015, 12:03pm - by Magnet Theater

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Congratulations to the newest Magnet Sketch Teams and the newest additions to Wendigo and Stockton! Thanks to everyone who submitted and auditioned this round!

Here are your new teams:

CAPTAIN CRUNCH directed by Kevin Cobbs
Willy Appelman - Actor
Andy Moskowitz - Actor
Evan Barden - Actor
Megan Meadows - Writer/Actor
Ari Miller - Writer/Actor
Elena Skopetos - Writer/Actor
Bryan Berlin - Writer
Christina Cola - Writer
Andy Mills - Writer

COUNT CHOCULA directed by Jana Schmieding
Jimmy O’Connell - Actor
Devin O’Neill - Actor
Catherine Montesi - Actor
Michael Delisle - Writer/Actor
Mike Dwyer - Writer/Actor
Sierra Pasquale - Writer/Actor
Joe DiBella - Writer
Molly Kiernan - Writer
Dmitry Shein - Writer

FRUITY PEBBLES directed by Rob Webber
Kate Koch - Actor
Chrissie Gruebel - Actor
Dan Dobransky - Actor
Lex Morales - Writer/Actor
Ingrid Ostby - Writer/Actor
Dennis Pacheco - Writer/Actor
Jesse Acini - Writer/Actor
Sara Marie Degni - Writer
Jesse Mudrick - Writer

COCOA PUFFS directed by Joe Lepore
Rich Rosario - Actor
Carly Monardo - Actor
Matt Alspaugh - Writer/Actor
Becca Schall - Writer/Actor
Jessica Taylor - Writer/Actor
Natalie Silverman - Writer
Hannah Wright - Writer
Ben Koch - Writer

New members of Stockton and Wendigo in bold:

WENDIGO directed by Branson Reese
Matt Antonucci
Jen Chuck
Chris Hastings
Kate Emswiler
Joe Lepore
Kyle Levenick
Adam Twitchell
Rob Webber
Charlie Nicholson
Geri Cole 

STOCKTON directed by Jesse Acini
Eli Itzkowitz
Diego Martinez
Michael Lutton
Will Quinn
Andrew Vulliemier
Phoebe Tyers
Matt Wassung
Ally Kornfeld
Christina Dabney