New Megawatt Teams Announced!

Congrats, Improv, Megawatt Friday August 29, 2014, 11:05am - by Magnet Theater

large_megawatt  large_megawatt

The Magnet Theater is pleased to announce the new teams and additions for the fall 2014 season of Megawatt, debuting this Wednesday, September 3rd at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. In addition, the premiere of the 6pm Wednesday Mixer. We hope to see you there.

Team Red:
Luke Field
Dede Tabak
Michael McLarnon
Greg Mihalik
Blake Merriman
Jonathan DeMuth
Devin O'Neill
Lauren Ashley Smith

Team Blue:
Pat May
Sam Rogal
Eli Itzkowitz
Carly Monardo
Nolan Constantino
Sulaiman Beg
Chrissie Gruebel
Woody Fu

Team Yellow:
Carolyn Burns
Justin Anderson
Neil Pohl
Kelly Donahue
Andy Moskowitz
Maryann Menzies
Katie Mordhorst
Federico Garduño

New team members in BOLD:

The Music Industry:
Matt J. Weir
Hannah Chase
Phoebe Tyers
Kevin Cobbs
Sebastian Conelli
Nick Mykins
Dennis Pacheco
Brian Frange

Shacottha Fields
Chris Dwane
Adam Twitchell
Jesse Acini
Matt Antonucci
Ali Fisher
Kate Koch
Dan Dobransky