New Sketch Teams Announced!

Improv, Sketch Wednesday August 20, 2014, 10:55am - by Magnet Theater

sketch teams logo

Congratulations to the newest Magnet Sketch Teams and the newest additions to Party. and Baby Shoes:

NEW TEAM KEENAN directed by Kevin Cobbs
Matt Antonucci
Jen Chuck
Kate Emswiler
Chris Hastings
Joe Lepore
Kyle Levenick
Charles Nicholson
Adam Twitchell
Rob Webber
NEW TEAM KEL directed by Jesse Acini
Michael Lutton
Phoebe Tyers
Will Quinn
Andrew Vuilleumier
Eli Itzkowitz
Diego Martinez
Catherine Montesi
Sam Palmer
Matt Wassung
PARTY. directed by Rob Webber
Matt Alspaugh
Jerry Abejo
Lane Kwederis
Jonathan Keller
Ari Miller
Catherine Wing
Matthew Pohlman 
John Kitsis
David Sewell
BABY SHOES directed by Alex Marino
Andy Moskowitz
Chano Garcia
Ally Kornfeld
Megan Meadows
Michael McLarnon
Bob Kern
Amanda Xeller
Mike Dwyer
Greg Boz
Teams premiere on Sunday, September 7th, 7:30pm. See you there!