4 Chicago Bound Shows Reviewed in TimeOut Chicago

Chicago, Festivals Thursday April 21, 2011, 9:49am - by admin

Link: 4 Chicago Bound Shows Reviewed in TimeOut Chicago

The Magnet Theater is sending 4 teams out to the Chicago Improv Festival next week.  A representative from TimeOut Chicago attended our CIF showcase at the beginning of the month and had some nice things to say about The Cascade, Chet Watkins, FACE and Hello Laser.

Duo Rick Andrews and Jennifer Dunne have a compelling form on their hands... this duo played it smart and patient, and I’d watch them again. (The Cascade)

These long-form practitioners have a secret weapon: fearless women. The men aren'’t half bad either... All in all, impressive. (Chet Watkins).

It’s awesome to hear instrumentation besides a piano, and the musicians rotate frequently (including new ones in Chicago). Also, this group embraced the entirety of the stage in a big way and offered solid callbacks. (FACE)

This quartet of goofs is a C.I.F. visiting favorite and, having now witnessed them on home turf, it’s easy to see why... If the C.I.F. were a competition, we know where we’d place our bets. (Hello Laser)