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Matt Shafeek has been on the improv scene for about 7 years now, which he can hardly believe! He started off taking classes at UCB, the PIT, and now he has found his home at favorite improv theater, the Magnet.

Matt Shafeek's been in all kinds of crazy shows/productions in the past, including: Pax Romana, Skosh, Oswald, The Spotlight with Sean Taylor, Still Life, The World of Tomorrow, Flea Furkus, and This Just In! He also has performed in a number of Improv Everywheres (and can be seen in the pilot episode of This American Life!), and a few years ago he wrote, produced, and starred in his very own one man video game themed show: "Multiplayer." He can currently be seen performing with Phooka every Wednesday night, and the upcoming sketch show "Extremely Local News."

When Matt Shafeek's not at the Magnet he can most likely be seen playing video games, writing on his blog, watching his favorite television shows, The Wire or The Lost, running, spending some in the kitchen learning a new dish, or chillin' with his cat, Milhouse - who is deaf, but still very much knows the gist of what you're talking about.

If you were to ask Matt Shafeek what his favorite half hour of any given week was, he would probably answer "the half hour I'm on stage at the Magnet with Phooka." Unless he was in a bad mood, in which case he'd probably say something uncouth involving a sexual act and your mother.

Finally, Matt Shafeek is just now becoming proud of all he's accomplished.

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