Chet Watkins

Chet Watkins


Magnet Theater house team Chet Watkins is constantly, ardently laboring to create patient, long form improvisation. Put together by the acclaimed director Armando Diaz, these eight New York City performers place a high value on character commitment and exploration of the absurd... alright - you know what? We can keep going with the uber-psuedo intellectual musings that do nothing more than mollycoddle our own egos, but the truth is you'll see us as you choose to; as we are. A teacher, a fleet manager, a bartender, a waitress, a commercial actor and a computer programmer for the Department of Homeland Security with severe hypoglycemia. We're pretty good - do we have shitty shows? You bet we do, because we're making it up and that's not easy - try it sometime, you'll see. Oh you'll see... look we're not here to threaten you, we're sorry, we're just passionate, that's all. Come see a show, it's 5 bucks and there's cheap beers, and sometimes, when everything clicks, it's unbelievably rewarding. It feels like the warm rush of a morphine shot and everyone forgets that the seats are a little small, and there's only one bathroom and the ac only comes on periodically. Everyone forgets and just laughs their balls off.

Chet Watkins - come laugh your balls off.