The Rundown

The Rundown

About the Show

Saturday at 6pm - The PERFECT time to get your jaded mind blown by four excellent improv ensembles. Will the local neighborhood kids be driven wild by their new forms and structures? Yes. Will you? The Rundown features different groups each week and a stellar mix of experienced veterans with up-and-coming performers ready to bring it.

Featuring: Waiting for Elevators, Freaky Barber, Destination Wedding, FAM

Waiting for Elevators: Anna Vesely, Dana Brown, Ryan Fitzgerald, Flora Kwitman, Leyla Fayyaz, Jason Tate-Han

Freaky Barber: Casey Blake, Aidan Sank, Alex Estrella, David Liang, Jana Heaton, Peter Morris, Adam Soloman, Michael Grosso, Ann Nunziata

Destination Wedding: Amanda Rojas, Lena Grossman, Tim Kov, Brett Miller, Andrew Jaramillo, Greg Watry, Ryan Campbell, Topher Froehlich, Josh Schiavone, William Hui, Art Cai

FAM: Will Cybriwsky, Chloe Metzger, Aditya Otiv, Michael Stevens