About the Show

Ringers is a sketch show for aspiring, eager, and ambitious writers, actors, and directors of the Magnet community.

November's show will feature: Sketches by Jeff Howe, Jenny Padget, Josh Schiavone, Lisa Cheong, Mary Heatwole, Michael Ganley, and Tom Kim

Direction by Brendan Goggins, Carly Silverman, Chris Wade, David Fried, Elie Stav, Nick Wiener, Patrick Grizzard, and Zackery A. Stephens

And starring Andy Lachman, Dan Iwrey, Eric Buscher, Hillary Dale, Jana Heaton, Jeremy Gundel, Kelly Henry, Kerri Kenny Clegg, Liane Pippin, Meredith Yannuzzi, Michelle Hess, Nick Phillips, Peter Morris, Sean Berry, Senthil Ramasamy, Shawn McLaughlin, and Veronica Dang

Produced by Armando Diaz and Amanda Xeller