Zach Zucker Human Person

Zach Zucker Human Person

About the Show

This is the debut solo show of award-winning, LA-based comedian Zach Zucker. Most of the time it is good. This show is directed by Jonny Woolley and produced by Stamptown.

✭✭✭✭✭ - Yewth Mag
✭✭✭✭½ - Kryztoff
✭✭✭✭½ - GLAM Adelaide
✭✭✭✭½ - Great Scott
✭✭✭✭½ - What's On In Adelaide

"Ridiculous, hilarious and genius" Kryztoff, AU

"Zach is the kind of character you might find on SNL" Great Scott Media, AU

"Zoolander meets Borat" The Reviews Hub, UK

"Not since Dr Brown?s (Phil Burgers) wordless show Befrdfgth five years ago have I had such a deep emotional reaction to comedic theatre... A must see" Yewth Mag, AU