The Griot Show

The Griot Show

About the Show

Keeping the spirit of the word "griot" alive, The Griot Show is a bi-monthly storytelling show featuring black comedians, musicians, artists, poets, educators, and elders from around NYC. Come, join us for an evening of stories that are sure to be edutaining (educational and entertaining)!

Hosted by: Alexis Lambright


Jacquetta Szathmari is a natural born cynic, a writer, a full service comic, and the co-host of the long running podcast Hey You Know It. Her whole spiel is at

Michael Stevens is an performer, writer, and storyteller living in Brooklyn. You can see more of him on this indie teams eaves and FAM. To read his writing, view photos, or watch things he (will eventually shoot, damn it) visit and then follow him on the social medias.

Monisha Holmes has written and performed poetry for 15 years, and has recently begun writing a book of poems. She is a second year graduate student at Columbia School of Social Work, and is most interested in diversity and inclusion work within corporate environments.

Tarik Davis is a comedian, writer, film director, actor, and educator in NYC. You can see him at his monthly show with C.P.T.-Comedy People's Time, and you can hear his voice on the podcast Brothers From Another Planet.

Featuring: Jacquetta Szathmari, Michael Stevens, Monisha Holmes, Tarik Davis