The Rundown

The Rundown

About the Show

Saturday at 6pm - The PERFECT time to get your jaded mind blown by four excellent improv ensembles. Will the local neighborhood kids be driven wild by their new forms and structures? Yes. Will you? The Rundown features different groups each week and a stellar mix of experienced veterans with up-and-coming performers ready to bring it.

Tough Butler!!! / Passport / Bunk Bed / Brown ABBA

Tough Butler!!!: Peter Wong, Nathan Tillis, Matt Perry, Ryan Shames, Stacy Dunn, Max Wingert, Justin Moses, Bimini Lee Wright, Mikey Castillo

Passport: Alex Novac, Yimin Peng, Nikolai Solonski, Assiatou Lea, Adina Forsström, Jorge Perez, Osvaldo Andreaus, Ximena Zuluaga

Bunk Bed: Sarah Cassell, Melanie Rubin

Brown ABBA: Aditya Otiv, Suerynn Lee, Paul Ton, Tea Ho