I Love You, Mom!

I Love You, Mom!

About the Show

This Mother's Day, the Magnet Theater's giving our moms the coolest present we can offer... an improv show!

A handful of our top comedians will perform a fully improvised comedy show with their actual moms?most of whom have never done improv before. Our moms can do or say whatever they like on stage, and it's our job to play along. Just like in real life.

Come watch as we create lively, unpredictable comedy with the women who will always be our biggest fans. Bring your mom--we'd love to meet her!

Featuring: Jennette & Madeleine Cronk, Lorena & Erika & Nora Russi Serna, Liz Migliaccio & Paula Kelly, Eleanor Lewis & Anne Field, Justin & Christine Anderson, Hannah & Carola Chase