Plus One

Plus One

About the Show

An improv experiment that brings together friends and friends of friends from across New York City. 3 team captains (Caitlin Steitzer, Diego Martinez, and Chris Dwane) invite three friends, who in turn bring a plus one. The result is three wonderful and talented teams performing for one night and one night only.

This months teams are:
Caitlin's Team-
Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot; Cocoon Central Dance Team)
Katie Hartman (; Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting sketch comedy)
Keisha Zollar (SoulGlo Podcast; Comedy Central)
Andrea Palumbos (Sunday Salon Podcast; Sesame Street)
Tony Carnevale (Contributor to McSweeney's, Buzzfeed, Gawker)

Chris's Team-
Sueryn Lee (The Heel)
Paul Ton (Youths)
Dmitry Shein (Bodywork)
Mari Stein (Horse Divorce)
Branson Reese (The Music Industry; Junk Brothers sketch comedy)
Sulaiman Beg (Metal Boy)

Diego's Team-
Jimmy O'Connell (Great American Country Drifters)
Micah Sherman (High Maintenance, Please Like Me)
Steve Capps (Old Man Time, The Tank Theater)
Leah Evans (We're Trying Here comedy festival)
Cathleen Carr (Two Girls for Five Bucks)