Test Drive

Test Drive

About the Show

Test Drive features brand new scripted works never before seen on the Magnet stage, from sketch and one-person shows to storytelling and more. These shows are so new they still have that new comedy smell.

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Athena Reich as Lady Gaga in #ARTBIRTH / Always on Deck: Something Less Corporate

Lady Gaga is pregnant. She is going to give birth in front of all of you. There will be lots of dancing, singing and barfing. Come and see her baby be Born this Way.

Created by and Starring Athena Reich

Written by Jack Trinco & Athena Reich

Directed by Jack Trinco

Always on Deck: Something Less Corporate features the Always on Deck members in a series of sketches that are anything but "business as usual." Taking on workplace mishaps, inter-office romances as told through Craig's List Missed Connections, employees who delegate to their bosses, and more, this show promises to be anything but professional.