Lady Sketch Show

Lady Sketch Show

About the Show

For the past 6 weeks, a massive group of Magnet ladies got together to write, write, WRITE! These three shows are the product of our sweat and toil.

Written and performed sketch comedy by ladies of the Magnet!

Featuring sketches by: Anne Antonucci, Madeleine Burkhart, Geri Cole, Kerry Kastin, Ally Kornfeld, Alyssa Kurtzman, Marie Latagan, Katie Mordhurst, Mary Regan, Becca Schall, Katie Taylor, Veronica Venture, Rosie Whalen

Directed by: Megan Gray, Beth Newell, Lauren Olson, Jana Schmieding & Chet Siegel

Assistant Director: Amanda Xeller

Featuring: Rebecca Acevedo, Anne Antonucci, Tessa Borbridge, Madeleine Burkhart, Allison Castellano, Geri Cole, Kelly Coonan, Christina Dabney, Heather Harrison, Kirsten Henning, Ivy Hong, Emily Johnson, Kerry Kastin, Ally Kornfeld, Alyssa Kurtzman, Alexis Lambright, Marie Latagan, Pratima Mani, Catherine Montesi, Katie Mordhurst, Candice Opperman, Sierra Pasquale, Evelyn Peppas, Olivia Petzy, Ramona Pula, Mary Regan, Cynthia Restrepo, Becca Schall, Brielle Silvestri, Hanalei Somar, Katie Taylor, Larisa Treyster, Shalini Tripathi, Veronica Venture, Rosie Whalen, Ivy Hong, and Catherine Wing!