NYC Up Late

NYC Up Late

About the Show

Looking for an original live and local experience? NYC Up Late is an interactive late night talk show featuring the most talented and engaging guests that New York has to offer. NYC Up Late takes all of the best elements of your favorite televised late night talk shows, like live music and famous personalities, and adds interactive audience games, sketch comedy, and a spontaneity that you can?t find on FCC regulated TV shows. Anything can happen on NYC Up Late, but you have to be there to see it because this is a live show only!

Guests often include local politicians, developers, actors and other big personalities currently contributing to the New York community, local up and coming musicians, as well as national media figures and touring acts.

Unlike televised late night shows NYC Up Late is focused on the live comedy experience and provides a distinctly local flavor, lampooning the current events surrounding YOUR city, covering the people and places that interest you directly.