Superbowl Show

Superbowl Show

About the Show

In 2012 a group of improvisers from the Magnet Theater formed a fantasy football league. The following year, the number of Magnet Theater fantasy football leagues had doubled. With growth like that, incorporation into a single Magnet Fantasy Football League was inevitable, with strict rules and regulations governing the mention of said league without the MFFL's expressed, written concent, and of course and MFFL Superbowl.

Why is the MFFL Superbowl better than the regular Superbowl? It's a lot funnier. There's no competition. And it's done in about an hour.

Come see some of the Magnet Theater's best improvisers and fantasy football enthusisasts perform a show in two haves that may or may not have anything to do with football - it's improv after all.


Alex Barav, Chris Camp, Shaun Farrugia, George Fernandez, Brian Frange, Ben Jones, Quinton Loder, Michael McLarnon


Corey Grimes, Ben Jones, Quinton Loder, Rob Penty, Aina Rapoza, Jamie Rivera, Jason Scott Quinn, Chet Siegel, Charlie Whitcroft