The New York Musical Improv Festival

The New York Musical Improv Festival

About the Show

Since 2004, ComedySportz New York has been entertaining fans with the fastest and funniest form of improv comedy in the Big Apple.

Two teams of improvisers vie for points in a hilarious competition by playing a series of improv games, similar to what yo may have seen on TV's Whose Line Is It Anyway? A referee governs the action, calling fouls and keeping the match moving at a blistering pace. The audience is always a part of the interactive show, and audience volunteers sometimes even wind up on stage!


BEEES!!! spontaneously creates a long-form musical based on an audience member's suggestion. Every song, line and hip gyration is improvised on the spot as BEEES!!! brings you to a world full of melodrama, complex relationships, and fun times. A Musical Megawatt house team at the Magnet Theater from January 2011 - September 2013, BEEES!!! has performed at The Depot Theatre, New York Musical Improv Festival, NYC ImprovFest, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

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Comedy Sportz & BEEEEES!!!