Test Drive

Test Drive

About the Show

Test Drive features brand new scripted works never before seen on the Magnet stage, from sketch and one-person shows to stand-up and more. These shows are so new they still have that new comedy smell.

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Post Hip / Kaufman & Widick: Two-Man Musical

Post-Hip: Conventional models of hipness have failed us. We must re-invent the form if we are to survive. There is no hipness but post-hipness, Post-Hip is the new hip. Post-Hip is anything you want it to be, it is everything and nothing, it is a grapefruit wearing a hat, it is a pile of nails, it is the music of Nelly Furtado. On November 3rd at 6 Pm at the Magnet Theater, Comedian Alejandro Kolleeny will be founding the Post-Hip movement, skyrocketing himself and his audience to superstardom, and teaching you how to manipulate people."