So, I Killed a Few People

So, I Killed a Few People

About the Show

SO, I KILLED A FEW PEOPLE is a darkly comedic play written by Gary Rudoren & David Summers. It originated at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago and has gone on to acclaimed productions at the NY and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals as well as SF, London and throughout the UK. The play was also published in the inaugural anthology, Plays & Playwrights For The New Millennium. To our great satisfaction, monologues from this show have been also performed by several high school students across America in theatrical competitions.

This production stars Mark Sutton, one of the founders of The Annoyance and a long-time collaborator with Gary, as serial killer Archie Nunn in a performance that is gaining much acclaim.

Gary is a proud alumnus of the Annoyance and Magnet theaters where he originated the solo-performance writing program called ME, ME, ME: The Art of Going Solo.

Excerpted from The Chicago Tribune Review, May 9 2013: \"Everyone thought I was beyond serial-killing nuts when I made the request to do a one-man show from death row,\" says the hulking man in the orange jumpsuit, welcoming the audience to his \"court-approved freak show.\"

Playwright Gary Rudoren\'s darkly comic monologue is fictitious but feels every bit the believable story coming from Mark Sutton deploying a good ol\' boy accent in a performance that cleverly embraces certain cliches of the wily, charming sociopath while sidestepping others.

Sutton has a complicated task, delivering Rudoren\'s smart, absurdist one-liners with just the right amount of unpredictability? the overall effect remains unnerving. This droll, alienated and seemingly rational man has been driven over the edge, a jigsaw piece that never quite fit into the puzzle. ? Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune