Listen Kid!

Listen Kid!

About the Show

America?s favorite goons are back, this time with an all-new cast of characters. We?ve got presidents (Bush, Clinton, McCain), we?ve got celebrities (Phil Collins, Zach Braff, Gaston), and we?ve got Baarfthoven. That?s right, we said Baarfthoven. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bindle, hop the toonerville trolley, and head on down to the Magnet Theater for the zaniest comedy this side of Cool Shakespeare. That?s right, we said Cool Shakespeare.

Featuring: Junk Brothers (Branson Reese and Tim Platt): Out of your neighborhood trash can come the The Junk Bros. with their crazy sense of humor, off-the-wall characters, wacky style, bogus technique, crazy-banana relationships, neat sensibility, unconventional choices, coo-coo references, and funny jokes. Come laugh your mouth off as we make sport of such sacred cows as Nirvana, 16 year old youtube sensation Austin Mahone, and even George W. Bush! (Spoiler alert, we aren?t very impressed with the man?s intellect. Not at all!)