Test Drive

Test Drive

About the Show

Test Drive features brand new scripted works never before seen on the Magnet stage, from sketch and one-person shows to short films, stand-up and more. These shows are so new they still have that new comedy smell.

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Andy, Please! / Eileen Kelly and Marian Rosin: Two Voices, Four Kidneys

Andy Moskowitz (ComedySportz Philly) is thrilled to debut his improvised one-man show on the Magnet Stage. From a single suggestion of a location, Andy creates a cast of weird (but grounded) characters and even weirder (but plausible) situations. He plays every single role -- often five or more -- bouncing around the stage like a (disciplined) madman. You can expect to laugh and, who knows, maybe even cry. (If you cry, wow, you're the best. Let Andy know after the show so he can get a quote for his website.) Andy, Please! is directed by Rick Andrews (Brick, The Weave)

Songs from Marian Rosin & Eileen Kelly: Comedians Eileen Kelly and Marian Rosin sing selections from their repertoire of songs about drugs, dogs, douchebags, murder, and one of Hollywood's loveliest actresses.