Citizen Models

Citizen Models

About the Show

THIS MONTH: A show packed full of all new sketches, never before seen by any audience, anywhere! A liberal arts graduate turned children's birthday clown bemoans her dismal future, a man whose neighbors have gone too far with their loud music playing reaches his breaking point, and a young Christmas tree finds herself outside among the trash bags, wondering what will come next. PLUS the Citizen Models present, "GREAT MOMENTS IN HISTORY." ALL this and more, in a packed, one-night-only sketch comedy show.

CITIZEN MODELS is fast-paced, smart, theatrical sketch comedy that could almost be classified as "Performance Art." You'll have to see it for yourself to know what that means, but you'll probably agree. Written, directed, produced, and performed by Anne Fidler, Kevin Young, Mikael Walter, Paul Travisano, and Tyler Foltz.