Frost: A Christmystery

Frost: A Christmystery

About the Show

When tragedy strikes the North Pole it?s up to detectives Jack Frost and Ginger Bread to solve the case. But how do you conduct an investigation when your suspects are some of the most beloved creatures on Earth and the most powerful figures in Christmastown. In this detective story we?ll learn more about Santa, Frosty and Rudolph than anyone has ever wanted to know. And maybe, just maybe we?ll find out the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

Directed by Phoebe Tyers

Written by Phoebe Tyers, Sarah Pappalardo, Jon Bander, Willy Appleman, Joe Miles and Alan Fessenden


Alan Fessenden

Maggie Morris

Nick Feitel

Sean Taylor

Vince Milosevich

Will Quinn

Elana Fishbein

Jamie Rivera

Adam Twitchell

Dennis Pachecho

Sebastian Conelli

Peter Collins

Joe Lepore

Andrew Vuilleumier

Brendan Jordan

Teddy Shivers

Matt J. Weir

Mallory Schlossberg

Jed Teres

Willy Appleman

Megan Meadows

Christina Dabney

Alexis Lambright

Rebecca Robles

And Megan Gray