The Great American Sketch Show

The Great American Sketch Show

About the Show

The 2012 Presidential Election is drawing near and in November we will all have to make a very important decision: Should we vote? The Great American Sketch Show is here to help you answer that question, along with many others, for four weeks leading up to Election Day.

Each show will feature New York\'s best writers, comedians and improvisers delivering a new batch of sketches, jokes and interviews focused on the political events of the week. All this with the goal of helping you decide that all-important question: Does any of this even matter?

Produced by: Brian Frange

Directed by Elana Fishbein

Writers: Charles Gould, Jay Dean, Alexis Lambright, Jed Teres, Rob Penty, Willy Appelman, Jarret Berenstein, Rob Webber, Matt J Weir, Eli Itzkowitz, Kaitlin Fontana, Crystal Delahanty

Countdown to the 2012 Presidential Election