Company 29 Presents: Rock and Roll!

Company 29 Presents: Rock and Roll!

About the Show

Company 29 Presents: Rock and Roll!

Hail Hail Rock and Roll! Company 29's newest sketch show takes a look at all things rock, from the stage of American Bandstand to the trenches of Vietnam. Featuring the Magnet Theater's best sketch writers and performers, Rock and Roll! is a character driven sketch show entirely based around a unique American art form that has been almost entirely appropriated from other cultures. Sponsored by SixPoint Brewery.

Company 29 is the Magnet Theater's sketch company in residence, dedicated to producing new and original sketch comedy featuring the Magnet's best sketch writers and performers.


Mike Barry

Kevin Cobbs

Nick Kanellis

Ruby Marez

Peter McNerney

Justin Peters

Lauren Olson

Rachel Rauch

Jamaal Sedayao

Jason Scott Quinn

Rob Williams

Written By:

Kevin Cobbs, Tim Eberle, Sarah Papalardo, Jed Teres

Directed By:

Nick Benaquista