Company 29 Presents: America!

Company 29 Presents: America!

About the Show

Company 29 Presents: America!

Company 29's newest show takes a look at all things American, from Johnny Appleseed to Ira Glass. It's a character driven sketch show sure to make Neil Diamond proud.

Sponsored By: SixPoint Brewery

Company 29 is the Magnet Theater's sketch company in residence, dedicated to producing new and original sketch comedy featuring the Magnet's best sketch writers and performers.

Featuring: Willy Appelman, Mike Barry, Kevin Cobbs, Nick Kanellis, Ruby Marez, Peter McNerney, Lauren Olsen, Christian Paluck, Rachel Rauch, Jamaal Sedayao, Jason Scott Quinn, Ross Taylor, and Justin Peters.

Written By: Willy Appelman, Paul Barker, Kevin Cobbs, Tim Eberle, Amanda Hirsch, Beth Newell, and Jamaal Sedayao.

On the boats and on the planes, they're coming to America!