What's To Get?

What's To Get?

About the Show

Welcome to Bitsville USA! Jon Bander hosts a monthly collection of oddballs, town drunks and village idiots sure to tickle your funny stone. Watch your favorite NYC performers doing characters, stand-up and just plain old bits. No act too weird, no bit too simple. What's to get?


Christian Paluck (Chet Watkins, The Truth)

Griffin Hunter-Newman (something, something else)

Willy Appelman (Party Lions, Inspirado)

Melissa Gordon (Mint Condition, Girls Night: The Musical)

Sebastian Conelli (The Subject, The Monoscene)

Leah Spigelman (The Storks)

Zach Broussard (Fambly, the Internet)

Jenn Dodd (Identity Theft)