What's To Get?

What's To Get?

About the Show

Welcome to Bitsville USA! Jon Bander hosts a monthly collection of oddballs, town drunks and village idiots sure to tickle your funny stone. Watch your favorite NYC performers doing characters, stand-up and just plain old bits. No act too weird, no bit too simple. What's to get?


Justin Akin (Big Black Car, Hello Laser)

Matt B Weir (We're Matt Weir, Dunk)

Kevin Cobbs (Listen Kid)

Chano Garcia (Rosencrantz)

Steph Garcia (Firecracker)

Melissa Gordon (Mint Condition)

Teddy Shivers (Turboner Bigote)

Dave Thunder (M4, Hello Laser)

Somebody's in the Doghouse (Leah Gotscik and Marty Johnson)