Test Drive

Test Drive

About the Show

Every Sunday Test Drive features two brand new shows, never before seen on the Magnet stage, from improv, sketch and one-person shows to short films, stand-up and more. These shows are so new they still have that new comedy smell.

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Openly Armenian / The Day Terrors

Openly Armenian

Written and Performed by Anoush Froundjian

I'm part of a different world that has its own language and alphabet and style of beard, and I've been keeping it a secret for years. There are things I really need to show you... just so you know what's going on, or where I'm coming from, or where Armenia actually is. I hope we can still be friends!


The Day Terrors is the brand new, character based sketch show from NYC improv and sketch group REPLY ALL. In THE DAY TERRORS, we tackle a variety of themes, casting a thoughtful light on such weighty issues as self-discovery, loneliness, the social pressures of growing up in this modern age and sexually ambiguous talking cats that rape people ? we've all been there! Can we be there with you... together? Showcasing a range of absurd and dynamic characters, our brand of comedy, kind of like every lay you've ever had that's been worth a damn, is loose, fast and fun.