TOUCHED ? A Sort of Solo Show

TOUCHED ? A Sort of Solo Show

About the Show

Jet Eveleth?s solo show ?Touched?  was inspired by her favorite and often heart breaking characters she discovered over the past ten years while improvising with The Reckoning. Her background in dance and clown is witness in moments of absurd physical humor and silent scenes. Her focus is on creating a true sense of vulnerability in each character, believing that our job as actors isn?t to be likeable, our job is to be honest.

with special guest Paul Brittain


?A comedic masterpiece.? ? Spoleto Today

?Comedy sensation?emotional and laugh-out-loud funny.? ?Charleston City Paper

?So deliciously incomprehensible it belongs in any discussion of the most courageous bits in iO's storied history.? ?The Chicago Reader

?...knocks you out of your seat when she switches character... it's a good thing they serve cold beer in Theatre 99 because when she's hot, she's hot.?-- Charelston City Paper

??forty minutes of unrepentant silliness? bizzarely captivating, and left audience members either scratching their heads in confusion or screeching in high-pitched laughter. ?- Post and Courier

?Debonair one minute, caustic the next, a whirlwind of physical comedy and pretzel contortions.? ?Chicago Tribune

??Very funny, with a razor sharp sense of timing? ?New City

Jet Eveleth is a member long-from improv group The Reckoning and performs in the original scripted show Ted & Melanie with ?Saturday Night Live?s? Paul Brittian. Jet has created and toured ?The Barb Lameter Show?, ?The Sunday Show?, and ?I Live Next Door To Horses? winner of the 2008 Del Close Award. She wrote and directed the sitcom pilot Ditched and can be seen in the films American Legacy and One Small Hitch. She has performed in The Andy Kaufman Awards, was included in ?Best Of Chicago's Stand-Up? at The Lincoln Lodge and listed as New City?s magazine 2010 "Top 50 Players" in Chicago. She teaches for Columbia College?s Comedy Studies Program and is the artistic director of the Chicago Improv Festival. at jetelaine You can also see us Jet perform in the DVD Art by Committee and the IO 25th Anniversary Show.

Other Press:

"...bulletproof conviction?sweet, a tad weird (in the best sense) and have a quiet confidence. Here, the ever-versatile Eveleth shone, if any Chicago performer is deserving to make the leap to NBC Saturday nights, it is Eveleth."-- Chicago Tribune

?Clearly highly recommended.? ?Yellow Rag

??the always terrific and subtle Jet Eveleth??Chicago Tribune

??patiently find and expose the tension between characters, making them desperate, vulnerable, and hilarious to observe?You really have to hang on to every word--but that's easy to do with Eveleth, whose shape-shifting face is rich with emotion and humor.? ?The Chicago Reader

?Eveleth?with her delicate features and killer timing?is a top dog in comedy. Biting but never cruel, she works the smallest details of her characters; the lady can act the tar out of a scene.??New City

??wild improvising of character and situation is done by a brilliant goofball like I Live Next to Horses actor Jet Eveleth??-- Spoleto Today

?Jet plays amazing characters. ? ?Austin Improv Collective

"Local improv superstar.? ?AV Club

?Best Punch Line?- Charleston City Paper

"Subtle and grounded lines to get the audience in stitches, a wonderful example of how comedy doesn?t have to be loud and in your face to be effective. It just takes talented performers like Eveleth and Brittain who are comfortable and confident with their humble humor." --The Post & Courier

"Marvel at how fine can be the line between comedy and drama. The very best comedy, of which there is much on display here, often shines a light on the darkness of the human condition." -Charleston Citypaper

"I am still smiling as I write this article.  I promise if you see them once, you will become a fan."--The Times and Democrat

The Reckoning:

?Close?s spirit lives on in them, part of a new generation of improv scholars and teachers. The Reckoning?s longevity attests to his legacy.?- Time Out

??masters of the Harold?They're lauded for their skill and chemistry.? -Charleston City Paper

?Harold experts herald the next generation of long-form. These iO devotees have found that structure?poetry, jazz or long-form improv?can make way for endless possibilities, a discovery that?s very?well, Del.?- Time Out

?But the girls play so many different characters, so very well, I left the theatre almost stunned that I?d only been watching two people. ? It was freakin? hilarious.? -- Charleston  City Paper