The Evolution Revolution

The Evolution Revolution

About the Show

Evolution is a solo show based on true experiences as Roman Rimer traveled through the Southern United States with the non-profit Sanctuary Collective to do community organizing with LGBTQ Youth in Christian Communities. Themes of Evolution include spirituality, identity, fear and how they all intersect and affect everyone. Roman also takes off his shirt and runs around!

Evolution was first performed at The Magnet in the spring of 2010. This summer, Roman and his director, Louie Pearlman are taking the show to theChicago, Indianapolis and the Kansas City Fringe Festivals. Evolution is an important work of new theater that brings people together and helps open a dialog about pre-conceived notions of class, gender, violence, and habitat. This is a show not just for the Queer and/or Religious Community but for everybody, regardless of how they identify.

It used to be that artists could rely on the funding supplied by theater festivals to get their work out to a new audience. However, with the current economic climate, it is more and more difficult for artists to perform their work.

So we're throwing an AMAZING benefit featuring: Music from Killy Dwyer (please link to Killy's page Improv from RuBin, We Might Just Kiss & The Yes Andersens & Sketch comedy from The Weird Sisters!!

Your money will help Evolution get seen by people who wouldn't get to otherwise! You become the Producer of the show. You have the power to open a dialog about important issues on a direct and meaningful level! GO YOU!

The suggested donation is $10!