The Edens

The Edens

About the Show


With their combined experience at some of Chicago's finest comedic institutions, including The Second City, The Annoyance and iO (formally Improv Olympic), these three Chicago transplants perform a completely improvised set of comedy.


Ed Illades

Ed has studied and performed improv at Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, as well as various bars and festivals here and there.  He was an instructor and coach at Improv Olympic until he set sail to perform on a cruise ship with Second City in January of 2008.  Ed has performed with the groups Johnny Roast Beef, Brad Renfro, The Gambino Crew, and Pudding-Thank-You, written and performed sketch comedy with Sketchcore, and directed the sketch show Sandy Takes A Break, which played at the NY Sketch Festival and at Comedy Central?s performance space in Los Angeles (yes, that Los Angeles). He currently lives, teaches and performs in New York (Yes, that New York).

Pat Tracy

Pat is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He cut his improv-teeth in Chicago, where he trained and performed on various teams at iO (formerly improv Olympic), The Annoyance, and The Playground. He also has acted on several shows airing on The Biography Channel, T*he History Channel, and Animal Planet- usually portraying a no-good mobster or some kind of justice-hungry federal agent. Pat is also a member of the electro-shoegaze band Mr. Body, which is currently putting together a self-produced EP. He hopes you enjoy the show.

Jordan Klepper

Jordan hails from Chicago where he toured with the Second City for a few years as well as performed, directed, and taught at the i.O. (improv Olympic) theatre.  While there, he was a part of many shows and teams including, "Carl and The Passions," "The Armando Diaz Experience," "Whirled News Tonight," and others.  He was a correspondent on the Big Ten Network's "Friday Night Tailgate" for three seasons as well.  In the sketch world he is half of the group "Klepper and Grey," and 50% of the group "Steve and Jordan" which has performed multiple shows in Chicago, and recently here in NYC at the UCB.